15 Easy Ways To Stick To Your New Year Weight Loss Resolutions

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar

1. Set achievable goals. Don’t expect overnight results. You didn’t get unfit overnight, so you can’t reverse it overnight either. Be patient. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
2. Keep yourself busy. Being occupied will help you eat less.

3. Have the right mindset. Don’t think of it as weight-loss resolution. Living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit should be the goal. Weight-loss will be a byproduct of this lifestyle.
4. Take a photo of yourself in your undergarments in front of the mirror – side and front profile. When you see any progress (which you WILL if you stick to your regime) in the same pose, you will feel super motivated to work harder.
5. Try the ‘no zero days’ approach – basically instead of just going ALL OUT quickly, promise yourself that you’ll do at least one thing every day to take yourself closer to your goals. It could be waking up early and going for a run, trying a new workout, saying no to a sugary snack or eating something healthy.

6. Maintain a journal. Tracking everything you put inside your mouth will help you understand your eating patterns. It will also give you an idea of just how much you snack/what derails you. So, during your next period, you can probably keep a bowl of yogurt with some fruit chunks ready in your fridge if you know that you are going to crave a big scoop of ice cream.
7. Celebrate small victories. Treat yourself with something other than food every time you hit a goal.
8. Some days are going to be harder – allow it. You are not perfect and you gave in to a temptation. It’s okay. Breathe. Move on from the slip-ups and start over again.

9. Know yourself: are you the kind of person who needs to have one little treat everyday to keep you sane? Then do that (but factor it in). If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who would do better to avoid your known triggers, then eliminating some foods completely can help.
10. Try to stay away from alcohol, at least in the beginning. Since it is a lifestyle change and hopefully, you’re looking to do it long-term, it is definitely easier if your judgment isn’t clouded. One drink can turn into a binge night or one drink every other day can add up to a LOT without you even realising it.
11. If you NEED to have a drink, avoid cocktails. Opt for a spirit + soda. Add some water to it and throw in some lime wedges. Also, predetermine how much you’re going to drink and don’t let yourself go over that amount.

12. Pre-plan similarly before you go to eat out. Check the menu online and figure out the best option (as low-cal as you can go while still being somewhat tasty so you don’t deprive yourself). Order just that. Look for grilled and roasted stuff. When starting out, avoid getting sucked into random, unplanned social situations because they will likely lead to excess food and alcohol. Stay strong. Plan your nights/meals out in advance and try to stick to that as much as possible.
13. Decide how often you will weigh yourself (weekly, monthly) and stick to it. Keep yourself accountable. Don’t skip weigh-ins because you’re scared to see the scale.

14. If you use food as an emotional crutch, try to find things that will replace it – a new show, meditation, writing, hanging with a friend  – any calorie-free activity.
15. And most importantly, don’t skip your workouts! Do some weight training at the gym, dance, jog or just go for a brisk walk while listening to your favourite peppy tunes (even if it’s just for 15 minutes!). All the healthy eating will show results only if it’s coupled with some form of physical activity. Try to pick a form of workout that you enjoy – it will be easy to stick to it.
All the best, guys and girls!