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The ‘I” Word—Infertile

Things That Couples Who Struggle With Infertility Should Not Be Hearing
1. “Toh? Kab ban rahi hu main daadi? Haan?”

2. “Neha, it’s time to use your maternity leave now ya!”

3. “Ek vacation pe kyun nahi chalein jaatein aap log? Shayad wapas happy news leke aayein?”

4.  “I’m telling you na! Go to Devki Baba and see what happens, please!”

5.  “IVF is not natural ya!”

6.  “IVF is very painful and you only get twins.”

7.  “Pet mein garam tel laga har raat. Aur sun, doodh zyada peeya kar, haldi daalke.” 

Things To Know About Infertility Management


Advancing age in females
Infectious diseases
Drinking and smoking
Increased marital age
Ovulation disorders
Fallopian tube injury
Uterine abnormalities

So what is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? (Reference: Practo)

Step 1: Stimulation of eggs through hormone therapy

Step 2: Retrieving the eggs from the ovaries

Step 3: Fertilization of the eggs and sperm

Step 4: Embryo culture

Step 5: Embryo transfer (Accessed on Aug 20, 2018) (Accessed on Aug 20, 2018) (Accessed on Aug 20, 2018) (Accessed on Aug 20, 2018)