How To Style An Ill-Fitted Dress And Make It Look Good

How To Style An Ill-Fitted Dress

1. If your dress is oversized

– Tailor It To Fit You
Tailor it to fit you

This seems to be a go-to option. But even while fittings make sure you find out what kind of alteration you’ll require.
Depending on the type of dress, you can either alter it from your sides or give it darts behind. For example, for a dress with a zipper on the side, if it permits then you can add darts behind.

– Cinch It
Cinch it

2. If your dress is short
– Add A Layer
Add a layer

– Layer A Skirt Underneath
Layer a skirt underneath

– Wear It As A Top
Wear it as a top

– Add Extra Fabric Or A Lace At The Hem
Add extra fabric