8 Reasons Why Global Warming Is The Final Call For Us To Act NOW!

Global Warming
What are climate change and global warming all about? How did we reach this point?
Global Warming

Here’s why we cannot risk reaching to the mark of 2ºC  instead of 1.5ºC of warming:
The coral reef will be 100% wiped out.
10 million more people will be exposed to heavy flooding.
The ability to grow basic crops like wheat and rice will seriously be impacted.
Water stress to increase by 50% more.
Heat-related deaths and forest fires will significantly increase.
Chances of vital insects for crop pollination to lose half of their habitat will double.
Instead of every hundred years, the arrival of sea ice-free summers in the Arctic will cut down to every 10 years.
Low lying islands in the Pacific could disappear entirely, while many developed cities will come under a threat of vanishing beneath the sea water as well.
Global Warming
Global Warming