5 Ways To Detox From Your 2017 Year-End Debauchery

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No points for guessing the most common New Year resolution…right? Everyone starts the year wanting to be healthy, but how many of us actually go through with even a week of it? Let’s remedy that, shall we?
To kick-start a fit and healthy 2018, let’s start by purging the toxicity of the last year with the top 5 ways to achieve the ultimate detox that will also aid in shedding that excess holiday weight.

1. Detox Teas

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Tea (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

2. Detox Water

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Detox water (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

3. Detox Juices

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Juices (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

4. Basil Seeds

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Basil Seeds (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

5. Yoga And Exercise

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Yoga (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

So be the first one from your gang to actually go through a 30-day detox and we promise that you will see visible changes.
#ProTip: Create a calendar on your phone/desktop to remind you to follow this religiously. Are you up for the challenge?