All The Work Behind Deepika Padukone’s Gorgeous Amit Aggarwal Gown

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

The Deepika Dandelion dress. I wanted to create something that imbibed qualities of being effortless yet graceful, simple yet eternal , modern yet deep rooted. I looked upon the form and detail of a dandelion flower for inspiration. It’s simple form yet intricate structure, its ability to sway with the wind and spreading its petals to carry million wishes. A weightless spherical form was created through a ruffle like structure. It was then detailed with radiating lines done with our signature polymer strips on a very gossamer chanderi and intricately beaded with a million tiny crystals almost emulating the lightness of a swaying dandelion. The simple stem of the flower created the column like silhouette at the bottom. @shaleenanathani @deepikapadukone #amitaggarwalcouture #makeawish #deepikapadukone #amitaggarwal #couture #fashion #madeinindia #makeinindia #amitaggarwalstudio #womensfashion #bollywood #inspiration

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The Deepika Dandelion dress Illustrated by Amit Aggarwal for @deepikapadukone #amitaggarwal #amitaggarwalcouture #fashionillustration #deepikapadukone #couture #illustration #fashion

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