5 Table Etiquettes You Must Follow

At home, we eat the way we want and food can only be enjoyed when eaten the way you like it. Food is a happy place and it can uplift your mood in just a few minutes. No one should be told how they should enjoy and relish their food but when stepping out, a few etiquettes should be followed. When out with people in a professional environment and eating out at restaurants, it is important to follow basic etiquette. Eating with your hand, licking your fingers, spilling food can be messy and hence, it’s important to know the basic etiquettes and follow them.

1) Eat with your mouth closed5 Table Etiquettes You Must FollowEating

It is quite displeasing to see what’s in someone’s mouth. When eating, one should keep their mouth closed. Every time you are eating out, you must chew with your mouth closed. Eating with your mouth open also makes a lot of noise which can be annoying for the people eating with you.

2) Keep your phones away5 Table Etiquettes You Must FollowUsing your phone while eating

When you step out for a meal, you should leave your work at home. Sitting with people on the same table and not engaging in a conversation or being busy on your phone comes off as very disrespectful or snobbish. You should finish your work before sitting down or leave it until you finish. Eating a meal with someone means spending quality time with that person and putting your phone aside makes the person believe that your time is theirs and keeps them hooked to the conversation.

3) Wait for other people to get their meal5 Table Etiquettes You Must Followeating together

You should be kind and well mannered enough to wait for the person sitting with you to get their order. You can’t start eating and expect other people to just look at you, that doesn’t set a very good impression. In case, people on the table persuade you to begin, then do so. But otherwise, it’s always preferable to wait for others and eat together.

4) Don’t lick your hands or plates5 Table Etiquettes You Must FollowLicking hands

Licking your fingers after you eat your favourite meal is the best feeling in the world but when eating out with people and at restaurants, it’s not a good enough idea to lick your fingers or cutlery. Avoid eating oily food with your hands, use tissues or wash your hands once you finish eating.

5) Thank the host5 Table Etiquettes You Must FollowThank the host

Once done eating, you should always thank the host if you’re at a party or you have been invited to someone’s house for a meal. When eating with other people, greet them and thank them for meeting with you in case it’s a formal event. Finish your meal, thank the staff and greet the people you’re eating with before leaving.

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