8 Ways To Help Kids Develop A Healthy Attitude To Food

As parents and caregivers, we have a significant influence on our kids. The way we talk about food, our attitude to food, and the way we promote healthy eating have a major impact on our children.

Building a positive attitude to food starts when children are young, but the benefits last through their life. So, we reached out to Nutritionist Dr. Rohini Patil, Author of The Lifestyle Diet, and asked her to suggest ways to promote a healthy and positive attitude regarding food and exercise in children. Read on to know all that she shared.


Ways To Help Kids Develop A Healthy Attitude To FoodSet a good example for your child by following a healthy diet and active lifestyle yourself. Demonstrate to your child that you are comfortable in your own skin. Don’t criticise your apperance, berate yourself for your weight gain/loss, or refer to yourself as “fat”.Demonstrate tolerance for various body types and sizes. Don’t make judgments on other people’s weight or appearance.Educate your child about how the media isn’t a true reflection of reality, that real people come in differing sizes, and the media only displays slender models as “ideal” people.Don’t make judgmental remarks on your child’s weight or appearance. Never body-shame your child. Make your home a haven for healthy eating.Discuss the advantages of physical activity for staying healthy and strong, rather than for losing weight.Work on building your child’s self-confidence and self-respect. Applaud them for their efforts. Motivate them to follow their strengths and hobbies.

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