Exclusive! Yami Gautam: 'The Day I Sat In 10th Standard, It Felt Like I Was Sitting On Some Landmine'

As soon as I saw the trailer of Dasvi, I have been pretty hooked to it. The film is offering such an intriguing setting of a prisoner, who is a minister, trying to give his 10th exams in middle-age. Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur seem to have aced their characters as per the trailer, increasing my excitement. But whenever I watch anything related to that film, it takes me down memory lane, thinking about my class 10 exams, and unlike for many, mine was quite a pleasant experience.

In a recent conversation with MissMalini, even Yami revisited her experience of standard 10 and I haven’t been able to hold my laugh ever since I heard it. Her experience is so relatable that it just won my heart.

She shares,

“It felt like I had been preparing for years for my class 10 because it was as if the ultimate goal was to reach class 10. It’s almost like a countdown from class 6 to 10, so that was the feeling. The day I sat in my 10th standard class, it felt like I was sitting on some landmine. But I think 9th standard was harder. The results there were discouraging, my Physics was off the roof and Maths was off the charts. (laughs) Also, my physics teacher had the habit of giving the answer sheets with the marks in ascending order. So, till she would reach 37, you would hold your breath.”

Exclusive! Yami Gautam: 'The Day I Sat In 10th Standard, It Felt Like I Was Sitting On Some Landmine'Yami Gautam (Source: Instagram | @yamigautam)

However, that experience kind of made the actress ready for what was to come in class 10, making that journey a little bit easier.

Yami reveals,

“Till the time 10th came, I was fine. I did my boards from ICSE and scored 80 percent despite my Physics and Maths. Though I am 100 percent sure that I did miserable in my Maths viva as I didn’t know a single answer. And none of the students knew either as when they were coming out of the room, they will tell that sir was asking this or that, and we all would question where was it in our syllabus? But by the time he reached ‘Y’ alphabetically, he was used to it and even I was comfortable for some reason. The acting that I did that day was something else. I was good at the other vivas but maths just didn’t happen.”

Hearing this experience of Yami makes her feel so much more relatable to me, and it has also increased my excitement for Dasvi. Already the portrayal of Abhishek as a class 10 scholar is giving out some amazing vibes. This one is surely going to be a must-watch and April 7 can’t get here soon enough.  

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