The Faulty Concept Of New Year's Resolution

New years’ Resolution is a practice started out by westerners. It is a tradition where a person chooses to discontinue a bad habit or pick up a habit, give up bad traits and make a change in their daily routine from the beginning of a new year. Considering the new year as a new beginning, everyone aims to have a fresh start and hence, the resolution. The arrival of new year presents everyone with a moment to set new goals and start brand new, every 1st January. But as one would say, It is never too late to start—this proves that there is no set time frame for you to achieve your goals. There is no deadline that you need to meet to achieve your aspirations and realise your dreams. Hence, you don’t need a new year’s resolution to change something about yourself. Resolutions are used as an excuse to get away with doing things throughout the year and wait for that one day in the year to get going. To switch from the regular and make a change to your daily routine, you need to figure out for yourself what you want to do and eventually work towards it.

Why Are New Year’s Resolutions Unnecessary?

New year’s Resolutions make you lazy and complacent. They make you wait for the one day in the year to begin with things that could have happened a while ago. Resolutions are in a way facilitators of change but to the extent that they can be made only once a year which acts as the faulty bit of the concept. Speaking about change, one shouldn’t wait for special occasions to inculcate a good habit or disrupt a bad one. When you notice a bad pattern, you should be wise enough to correct it and not delay it till the 31st of December of every year.

Reasons For The Failure Of New Year’s ResolutionsThe Faulty Concept Of New Year's ResolutionNew Year’s Resolution

Personally, I am not a big believer in resolutions but I deeply respect anyone who strives to make a change and work on themselves. Although studies have proven that around 80% of people who make resolutions often fail at upholding them a few weeks into forming them, over the years, different approaches have been tried, tested, and written about to make your yearly promise successful but more often than not don’t end as planned due to the excessive pressure and hype surrounding it. Listing down a few reasons behind the failure of new year’s resolutions.

1) Faulty Approach & Lack Of An Accountable Structure

The reason behind the failure of resolutions is the lack of an accountable structure for you to follow through with. A change needs a pattern, it doesn’t happen overnight, it is a gradual process. Resolutions force you to make the change from the very start without allowing yourself any time to fall into place with the structure that leads you to evolve.

2) Fear Of Failure

Most of the time, the goal scares you and it shouldn’t. Hence, the goals shouldn’t seem like a mountain effort. It has to be achieved eventually and should be looked at with a ‘one-day at a time’ perspective to move forward.

3) Change In Conscience Leads To Behavioural Change

A change in the conscience leads the pathway to making a behavioural change. Once you set your mind to it, you will consciously work towards achieving the goal you have set for yourself.

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