Saif Ali Khan Opens Up About His Son Ibrahim Wanting To Be An Actor

Ibrahim Khan, Saif Ali Khan

Ibrahim Khan, Saif Ali Khan
Yes. Ibrahim, Aarav and that group of youngsters want six packs and aspire to be Bollywood stars. I don’t know if anyone wants to be an actor. It is kind of disturbing because not everyone makes it.
He also said he worries if they’re influenced by the glamour.
Ibrahim thinks he is an actor before Sara because he did Tashan. And he was upset when it didn’t work. But he is a good looking guy. All our friends’ children in our peer group want to be actors because they see it as an attractive profession with respect, money, affluence and a certain amount of privilege. But how many of them are interested in acting, I don’t know. Sara has a degree from the London School Of Economics and still want to be an actor over a banker so obviously, there is something very attractive about his lifestyle.
Hmm. It is what they’ve grown up seeing. What are your thoughts?