Akshay Kumar Apologises To Fans & Steps Away From A Brand Deal After Facing Backlash

Akshay Kumar is a true people’s superstar. As much love as he receives from his fans, he knows how to appreciate and respect that. He listens to his fans and their feedback and applies it in his work and that’s what sets him apart for me. Recently, he showed why is he loved and adored so much by his fans as he listened to their concerns and backed out from a brand endorsement deal because of audience backlash.

Check out his tweet here:

Akshay shared that while he will never endorse tobacco, he understands people’s concerns over his association with the brand. Apologising for taking it up, the actor informed that he is stepping back from the deal and whatever fee he has received for it, he will be donating it to a worthy cause. He also informed that while the endorsement might be aired till the legal duration of the contract, he promised to be more mindful of his choices in the future.

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