7 Hobbies You Can Pick To Cope With Your Anxiety Issues

Every other person we meet these days has faced or still faces anxiety at a certain point in their life. While you can seek help from a therapist, you could also try to take up some hobbies that can help you calm instantly when you are experiencing anxiety issues.

These hobbies should make you feel passionate. Read on to know more.


Dancing is an amazing way to release tension and anxiety. Dance in your room or house whenever you feel blue. Play your favourite uplifting music and see the change you experience once you’re done.


2. Journaling & Scrapbooking

Expressive writing is a very highly effective method of anxiety management. Write down things that made you smile that day and write about your plans and goals. If practiced regularly, writing can be a very insightful activity. Once you start seeing the benefits of writing, you’re likely to gain pleasure from this engaging activity. Buy some adult colouring books and create a scrapbook of all your creations.


3. Music

Listening to music that calms your nerves can instantly relieve your anxiety. You can even sing your heart out if it interests you. Music is an activity that is an instant cure for bad moods and social anxiety.


4. Reading

Empowering books can provide you with vision like nothing else. Stock up 2-3 inspirational books and give them a read every time you sense your anxiety flaring. It is a good distraction from all the negative emotions that you might be experiencing.


5. Get A Pet

Connecting with animals can be very helpful when you’re dealing with anxiety. It gives you a purpose and acts as a coping mechanism when things get dark. Spending time with animals, stroking them, playing with them can work as a great hobby for stress management.


6. Exercise

Go on a long walk to introspect and get a hold of your feelings. Take up Yoga, it can help release extra tension in your body and help you release negative feelings. Being physically active also helps the body release endorphins, the feel-good hormones. So don’t forget to make working out a part of your daily routine.


7. Cooking

Eating nutritionally rich food is not important just for your physical health but also does good for your mental health. When we start eating healthy, we often confuse boring food with healthy food. Try to look up recipes of healthy food that you can easily whip up at the comfort of your humble kitchen and pantry.


Just choose one or two hobbies from the above list and try to inculcate them in your daily routine. The hobbies should be easily adaptable given your schedule and lifestyle. Hope this list helps you build your anxiety management techniques.

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