Boss It Up: Blazer Outfits That’ll Make You Look & Feel Like A Girl Boss

Nowadays, a nice, fitted blazer should hang in every girl’s wardrobe. It has escaped the boardroom and become a true closet staple. It’s the perfect clothing article to dress up a casual look or to add some character to an outfit. Do you want to look chic yet, elegant in no time? A blazer is the way to go. It is also the most classic garment to layer your outfit with.

There are no limits to how you can style a blazer, whether you go for a classic white t-shirt and jeans look or simply wear it as a dress. Who wouldn’t love an easy fix to any fashion quandary?

Here are six looks to help you access the power of styling a great blazer :
1. Wear It As A Dress

All you need is a good, oversized blazer and you’re set! For all you last-minute ladies this outfit idea is a Godsend. Just throw on a pair of boots or some statement heels to pull the look together and you’re ready to take on the town. You would certainly be grabbing all the attention!

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2. Add A Burst Of Colour

A coloured blazer can instantly add some life to your look. This blazer is quite versatile and can be worn for different vibes. For instance, you could go bold with some colour blocking or dress it down with a basic denim and t-shirt look. Spicing up your outfit with a coloured blazer will certainly be an eye-catching look!

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3. As A Power Suit

Yes, this one is quite the obvious look but it had to be included, it’s a classic after all! A matching set with some fitted pants and a blazer is an excellent way to channel your inner girl boss. You could go all out with prints and colours or go the minimal way with some muted shades. Either way, you’re sure to make heads turn!

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4. Blazer And Shorts

Ever put on some basic denim shorts with a plain white tee and felt like something was missing? Add a blazer. Whether it’s a black one or a blazer with some colour, it immediately elevates your outfit and makes you look sophisticated. You could pair it up with some heels or keep it casual with sneakers.

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5. Decked In A Dress

If you think your dress looks plain or dull style it with a blazer and you’re immediately a boss lady. For fall/winter fashion especially this look is a go-to! Who knew all your closet staples like a simple black dress, a blazer and some black boots would create such a stylish look in no time?

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6. Matching Sets

Lately matching, cropped blazer and skirt sets have been quite the trend.  This look is unique yet chic, perfect if you want to make a statement. Adorned by fashion icons like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who wouldn’t want to try this look out? What’s more, is you can always style the pieces separately which is a clear win-win situation!

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Which look will you be your next go-to outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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